Have you faced a problem, which solution requires money? Do you need financial help as quickly as possible? Don’t start panicking! There is an effective way to deal with the problems from the comfort of your home. Today, there is no need to ask relatives and friends to lend money. You can solve all your problems within minutes with the help of Cashwagon. Check what this company can offer you and whether it’s the best solution for you now.

About Cashwagon

Cashwagon offers fast loans online with a competitive interest rate. Borrowing for the first time, you’ll be able to get up to PHP 7000 without any interest. As for repeat loans, loyal customers are provided with lots of great features.

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Cashwagon is a reputable lender offering to apply for a loan using any device with Internet access and find out the decision within minutes. The lender provides an opportunity to choose a term from 3 to 6 months with the possibility to make an early repayment. The amount you can apply for varies from PHP 8000 up to 40000. The maximum APR here is about 144%. The online loan lender offers financial assistance, regardless of credit history if a borrower can afford to repay the loan. The company aims to help everyone in need without the hassle. You won’t need to gather a lot of documents to be approved. Your application will be considered within minutes and you’ll get an instant decision. In most cases, the money will be available within 10-15 minutes.

Features & Benefits

Check the main features and advantages you’ll enjoy if you choose Cashwagon.

  • Simplified application process;
  • Minimum of requirements;
  • Transparent conditions of cooperation with no hidden fees;
  • In case of approval, the loan is transferred within 15 min;
  • Bad credit rating is not a problem;
  • Convenient system of repayments;
  • Having a bank account isn’t a must;
  • No need to confirm monthly income;
  • Special offers for loyal customers.

Application Requirements

You can apply for a Cashwagon loan if you are from 20 to 60 years old. One more important requirement customers should meet refers to employment. A potential loan borrower should have a stable source of income. So, you can count on getting fast application approval if you’re currently employed, meet the age restrictions, and can provide personal details. No need to give any documents. You should fill out an application form mentioning the required personal details and financial information. Share the details of your bank account, if you have it. If not, you’ll be able to get money at special cash pickup points.

Loan Amount and Fees

Before you apply for a Cashwagon loan, check what loan amount you can get and how much it will cost you.

The minimal loan amount is PHP 2000. The maximum amount you can borrow is PHP 20000 (as a repeat loan).

The chosen loan amount can be taken for a period of 3-6 months. When choosing the repayment term, you should take into account that you’ll have to pay back the loan amount plus 12% interest rate monthly. The annual percentage rate at Cashwagon is about 144%.

How to Get the Loan?

Getting the loan is as easy as ABC here. Spend several minutes to perform several simple steps listed below and get the necessary amount of money.

  1. Enter Cashwagon site;
  2. Choose the loan amount and the repayment term;
  3. Share all the necessary details via an application form (Full Name, contact information);
  4. Wait for the message confirming that your loan application has been approved;
  5. Sign the loan agreement. (First, you’re recommended to read Terms and Conditions carefully);
  6. Get the loan within 24 hours (it’s the maximum term, which may depend on your bank);
  7. Use the money for any personal needs without the need to share your plans.
How to Get the Loan

How to Pay Cashwagon?

When it’s a due date, you need to try to make repayment before 7 PM.

  • Choose one of the DragonPay partners to pay back the loan;
  • Have your loan agreement at hand to enter the number in the format CW plus 6 numbers you’re going to receive in the message;
  • Enter the loan amount you’re going to repay;
  • Transfer money and get the confirmation;
  • Inform customer support of Cashwagon if you didn’t get a notification about successful money transaction.

Cashwagon Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Cashwagon instant loan lender. 


  • User-friendly website with all the necessary information;
  • Processes applications quickly;
  • Provides a possibility to get a loan, regardless poor credit history;
  • Doesn’t require to gather lots of documents;
  • Offers to choose the most suitable repayment term up to 6 months;
  • Has helpful customer support.


  • High interest rate;
  • Age restrictions;
  • Limited working hours (Monday-Friday 10 A.M.- 7 P.M.).
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Trust & Reputation

Hundreds of customers have already used the services of Cashwagon and left their positive testimonials. There are no negative reviews about the company on the Internet. Cashwagon is a legit international company, which does take care of its reputation. According to numerous loyal customers, this lender is trustworthy and dependable.


After considering the main features of the company, it’s possible to say that Cashwagon is the lender you can rely on. Almost everyone can benefit from the financial help offered, regardless of poor credit. If you need to pay medical bills, repair a car, or deal with other problems urgently, look no further. Cashwagon will inform the loan decision in less than a minute. It’s a good choice of the lender when being in trouble and experiencing the need to get money urgently.

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