Do you need to replenish your family budget? Does a money problem require an immediate solution? Does the utility debt threaten you with the shutdown? Do you urgently need funding to purchase a new thing, gift, medicine or other things? The salvation will be a quick loan for a short period with instant approval, without checks, failures, and an endless list of documents!

Today, there is a no faster and more convenient way to solve financial problems than online credit. They are popular and in demand, because they can be obtained on a bank card in minutes with 100% guaranteed approval.

What Is a Fast Loan?

Microloans are financial assistance if you need money now, in the form of small amounts that are issued for a certain period. The essence of online loans is providing people with temporary financial support. For this, they, usually, need only an ID and TIN. This type of lending is a profitable service from microfinance organizations that disburse mini-loans online. Anyone in the Philippines can get an emergency sum if he is 21 years old, basically. Banks are interested in lending to borrowers’ large sums, which are issued for a period of one year to 25 years. At the same time, they impose stringent requirements on their customers. In contrast, microfinance organizations issue small and short-term loans online on favorable terms which are great alternatives to bank lending.

Where to Get Instant Loans?

Lenders Interest rates Age Loan amount, PHP Term to pay off the money
Online Loans Pilipinas 1% per day 22-60 2,000-20,000 7-30 days
CashWagon 12% per month (144% per year) 20-60 8,000-40,000 3-6 months
Robocash 2.18% per day 21-70 1,000-25,000 3 months
Atome 903,71 PHP 18-55 10,000 3 months

How to Apply for a Fast Loan?

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to request quick loans, one has to:

  • decide what amount of money is optimal for them and for how soon a person will be able to pay off the debt. To calculate the interest will help a special calculator on the main page of the service;
  • fill in the inquiry. It is necessary to clarify contact and personal data. A person has to be sure to give truthful answers: the landing company checks the information provided by potential borrowers. Telling a lie or hiding the facts will entail a negative decision and rejection on the short-term loan;
  • send a request for consideration and wait for a response from the service. It takes 10-15 minutes;
  • in case of a positive decision, an SMS with a loanable contract and a confirmation code is sent to the indicated mobile phone number;
  • read carefully and slowly the terms of the agreement analyzing all the points. If it suits a borrower, he should sign it with an electronic signature;
  • money is credited to the card the same day, typically.
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Instant Loan Requirements

The most important thing while applying for a microloan is to meet the requirements of the lenders. They can be a bit different from one financial entity to another but, basically, they are the same. Here, they are:

  • Age of 21 and above;
  • Philippines Citizenship;
  • A valid ID;
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Having a steady income of the definite level;
  • Having a valid bank card at any bank in the Philippines;
  • No arrears on the previous quick loans.

Fast Loans Bad Credit

Is there any truth in the phrase: “Credit to people with a bad credit history”?

It is important to understand one thing: the borrower will receive the money because the lender wants to get an interest on them. But borrowers are not always eager to pay out the interest, and, sometimes, the loan itself. From here this red tape went with documents, proof of identity, guarantors, pledges and other things.

That is why a bad credit history is an indicator due to which a mini-loan can be denied. But, despite this, there are many companies that specialize in customers with bad credit history and give them emergency funding without problems. The borrowers, in their turn, have to be prepared to get funds on the high-interest rate.


As already has been mentioned, quick loans are a fairly convenient and easy way to solve financial problems. With their help, a person can purchase the desired thing, make repairs, and satisfy their needs, as they are issued without indicating a purpose. Another feature that can be considered is that you can get an urgent sum online around the clock, without guarantors and collateral. Moreover, today, there are a sufficient number of proposals, so, everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves if they need money now. In order to get funds, it’s enough to just go to the site and make a few clicks, which does not take much time. If money is needed urgently, then, it is a great option, since, in such a way, it can be obtained quickly, without needless formalities, and delays.

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How do Instant Loans Work?

Instant loans or short-term loans are the best suited for solving temporary financial difficulties, paying for treatment or making a purchase on sale. This type of mini-credit implies that a person borrows a small amount of money and repays it over a short period of time.

How can I Get an Instant Loan Online?

To get urgent money online, it is inevitable, firstly, to choose a trustworthy and reliable lender with the most favorable conditions. After, one has to submit an application and wait for the 100% guaranteed approval. It is essential to think over this decision thoroughly and weigh all the pros and cons. Also, a person has to pay attention to the high-interest rate.

Who are Fast Loan Borrowers?

Any adult citizen of the Philippines who has a valid ID can apply for instant credit online. Social status and the place of work do not matter. The main thing is a permanent source of income, so pensioners, students, mothers on maternity leave, self-employed, and individual entrepreneurs can get a short-term loan.

Is Fast Loan Safe?

The protection of personal data is governed by the law and internal documentation of the organization. Information may be transferred to third parties only in such cases: - at the request of state or authorized bodies; - with the consent of the user; - to provide services; - to protect the rights of the company if the user violated the contract. Accidental information leakage is excluded, as the data are transmitted via secure channels. Any actions that go beyond the normative acts may be challenged in the court.

What are Fast Loan Risks?

The most obvious risk while obtaining money in debt is to get into scammers’ hands. To avoid this, a person ought to be incredibly careful choosing lenders. Also, there is a chance to take out a loan on the non-profitable conditions. And, again, this can be omitted if one doesn’t rush, reviews online lending companies scrupulously, and takes a very close look at the loanable agreement.

Are Instant Loans Legal?

The disbursement of fast credits online is totally regulated by the law and is absolutely legal. Also, to protect oneself, a potential borrower should check if a lender has all the normative acts and documents on its websites which let it provide people with quick sums online with instant approval.

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