Online Loans Pilipinas is one of the most transparent and fair lending companies in the country. The idea behind the business is to provide fast and secure money to eligible borrowers who cannot get a loan from elsewhere, due to one or another reason. The company enjoys constantly increasing popularity among the Philippine citizens due to its transparency, attention to each borrower and provided opportunities to a good number of the citizens of the country.

You can get a loan for any purpose, without any guarantees like property from your side. However, one should be attentive to repay the loan on time if one wants to count on further services from the company.

About Online Loans Pilipinas

In order to get an Online Loans Pilipinas credit, one doesn’t need to have some property or perfect credit history. Online Loans is interested only in the requirements that the company itself has. Hence, this small detail provides a unique opportunity to get a loan for people who otherwise would not have a single chance to get any funding. If the bank or any other financing institution rejects a loan application, Online Loans Pilipinas is still there to assist.

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Online Loans is a part of the famous KreditPintar corporation managed from Singapore, and this fact once more proves that the company can be trusted and relied on in all the cases. And many citizens of the Philippines do so, borrowing from the lending company again and again, whenever money is needed. Even though the interests are a little bit high, it does not stop people from borrowing from this company due to its attention and the feeling of decency that Online Loans provide to its clients along with a loan.

Features & Benefits

Online Loans provides its clients with the following benefits:

  • One can apply for a loan immediately when such a need arises. The company works day and night, including the weekends and the bank holidays;
  • The minimum requirements are applied. The applicant doesn’t need to run around collecting documents, proofs, signatures of relevant people, and so on. All you need to submit is your ID;
  • All loans are approved within two days maximum, but in most cases, it takes much less time to get a loan;
  • All the procedures are performed online. The applicant doesn’t even need to leave the home to pass all the requested procedures and to get so much wished loan;
  • The borrower can use the loan for the period up to one year;
  • The deadline can be prolongated, for a fee, of course, but at least such an option exists.

Application Requirements

There is a minimum of requirements to proceed with the loan application by Kredit Pintar, well, by one of its companies. An applicant is eligible for a loan if he/she:

  • Is a citizen of the Philippines;
  • Has a valid ID issued by a relevant body;
  • Is between 22 and 60 years old;
  • Is employed or has stable sources of income.
  • Finally, one should have a valid phone number and the internet connection to apply for a loan online.

As one can see, all the requirements are very reasonable and are introduced mostly with an aim to provide the company with basic guarantees that the provided loan will be repaid. The financing institution needs to secure itself, as well.

Loan Amount and Fees

A loan can be issued to anybody who complies with the minimum requirements indicated on the Online Loans website. But loan sums might differ depending on the conditions. Here is how all looks:

Loan sum 2,000 – 7,000 PHP for new borrowers, 2,000 – 20,000 PHP for constant clients
Age limitations 22 – 60 years old
Credit History N/A
Loan Term Up to 1 year
Deadline Extension Possibility Yes, for a fee. The prolongation fee is 1,400 PHP
Interest rate 1% daily, up to 486% per year

Now, you have all the most relevant information to calculate your repayment for a particular sum of a loan. However, the company is known for its transparency, so, on the website, when you select the needed loan sum, you get everything calculated automatically. All data are available directly on the website, for your convenience. If you want to check right now which sum you can afford to borrow, you are welcome to fill in the data on the website and to get an exact estimate of sums to be repaid in installments and the total sum to be repaid. It will help you to evaluate whether it is reasonable to apply for a loan or it is better to look for other options.

How to Get the Loan?

You need to perform a minimum of actions to get your loan from Online Loans.

Basically, all you need to do is to select the desired loan sum on the website, to verify the sum for repayment and the deadline in order to be able to assess objectively whether you can repay your loan on time.

Further, you provide your name and a valid phone number. After that, you just follow the instructions. Some relevant data will be requested, such as your mail, for example, date of birth (do you remember about the age limitations?), and so on. After the data is filled in and the ID with your photo submitted, the system will review the application and make a decision on whether to issue a loan or not. Finally, if your application is approved, you receive the needed sum in a way that you have selected when you were filling in the form. And that’s it, after that, you will need to think about how to repay it.

How to Pay Online Loans Pilipinas

Now, the next stage comes: loan repayment. It was very easy to receive it, so, it is fair to believe that the repayment will be simple, as well. And it is indeed! To repay your loan, you use your Visa Bank transfer. You go to the closest branch of the payment partner, provide the data indicated on the website, and that is it. The repayment is done. Make sure you confirm with Online Loans whether the money was credited, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Online Loans Pilipinas Pros and Cons

Online Loans Pilipinas offers a lot of advantages to its clients. Here are just the most evident of them, but each borrower has its own reasons to apply for a loan, and each borrower can add his/her own pros that he/she sees in receiving a fast loan.

So, the main advantages of Online Loans Pilipinas are:

  • Fast approval, one can get a loan within 2 days maximum;
  • Almost guaranteed approvals if one complies with the requirements mentioned above;
  • Deadlines for repayment can be extended;
  • No credit history influences the decision, just the compliance with the company`s requirements.

Cons? Well, like in the case with any lending company, the interest rate is very high. More than 400% per year one has to pay in interests for any loan borrowed from Online Loans.

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Trust & Reputation

Online Loans Pilipinas is one of the most transparent companies that lend money online. It is known for fair practices, attention to clients and loyalty. This is one of the main reasons why the popularity of this company is growing constantly among the population of the Philippines.


So, Online Loans Pilipinas is recommended to those who are in an urgent need of money even though they have a constant income. The company has a good reputation and is known for its attentive service and transparency. That’s why it is highly recommended to anybody who needs money right now, but for some reason cannot get a loan from a bank.

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