The Philippines is considered to be a very prospective country to run a business. But it only seems to be that way. Despite numerous natural resources, seaports, oil refining industry some people still scratch together the last money to banally afford food. It is explained by low wages and a lack of work positions. Mostly, all the jobs with average or substantial salaries belong to people who have good offices. While other citizens may smuggle just to feed the children. What to do if the outstanding bills or bank demand urgent payment? Learn how to apply for a payday loan and find out the best low rates.

What Is a Payday Loan?

As far as payday loans reside quite a long time on the market, people anyway opt more for other types of loans. Such decisions are connected with a fear of being deceived or not to get money at all. It is all a myth because payday loans are a secure service that saves time and efforts of all the applicants.

And it is the fastest way of receiving immediate monetary aid.

A payday loan is usually a short-term and small amount loan. Besides, a lender can extend the credit term depending on the applicant’s income or paying capacity. A person receives the money the same day. Also, do not mix the types, cash advance, bad credit loans, or fast cash transactions are other names of payday service.

Where to Get Payday Loans?

When a potential applicant decides on turning to private lenders to get money, it is important to choose only a reliable service. Such a requirement will deprive people of turning to fraudulent companies where there is no money and consequently no license or guarantees. To compare the services online, a person had better choose 3-4 companies and find out their pros and cons.

Online Loans Pilipinas ● First-time applications – 2,000-10,000 PHP
● Repeat applications – 20,000 PHP
● Repayment term is 30 days
● 1% interest rate per day
● Applicants between 22 to 60 years old
● Employed or with a legitimate income
● A valid ID
Cashwagon ● First-time – 2,000 – 7,000 PHP loans
● Repeat to 40,000 PHP
● Repayment term is 3, 4, 5, 6 months
● First loan up to 7,000 PHP is free of interest
● 8,000 – 40,000 PHP loans are at 12% interest rate per month
● Between 20 to 60 years old
● Currently employed people or with a steady income● A valid ID
Robocash ● First-time – 1,000-10,000 PHP
● Repeat borrowers apply for 25,000 PHP
● Repayment term – up to 3 months
● Interest rate – 12%
● Between 21 to 70 years old
● Employed or professional individuals
● A valid ID and mobile number
Atome ● Loans from 1,000-10,000 PHP
● Repayment term 7 days – 3 month
● Interest rate – 0,90%
● Between 18 to 55 years old
● Android mobile phone ● A valid ID

Moreover, the above-mentioned and other good services have a freestanding calculator of fees, interest rates, and repayment days numbers. So, all applicants may check on their own whether to rely on one or another private lender. Beware, the best same day loans will anyway bear high-interest rates.

Payday Loan Interest

Usually, they may raise to 400%-500% per year and 30%+ per month depending on the city or island location. To contrast such a big difference, such loans have approximately 4%-40% interest while credit card interest may range from 10%-30%. So, to make it even more simple for readers, let’s imagine a person borrowed $500. He will need to pay back around $50-$100 along with a borrowed amount depending on his exact location in the Philippines.

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How to Apply for a Payday Loan?

Various lenders have their designated ways of applying for a safe online payday loan. Some of them offer to download a mobile application, others require contacting the service through a browser. But, both make application simple and the most important fast.

  1. Fill out the application form along with taking pictures of yourself with an effective document;
  2. Wait for fast approval. A person receives an SMS confirmation within 5 seconds or instantly. If the legit of the document failed, there is a notification about submitting the real ID;
  3. Receive money to a bank account. It takes up to 1 hour or again immediately;
  4. Repay the borrowing amount via accredited repayment channels of the provider.

This procedure will allow applicants to enjoy the money within a 1-hour maximum. But take seriously the requirements for documentation needed. The private lenders precisely check the documents, so if they are expired, there are no chances of receiving the money.

Payday Loan Requirements

As for requirements, people do not need to write down a list of papers needed. All they have to present is a valid ID and an active mobile number. How old should the applicant be? Depending on the service, there are different age limits. But, first of all, he should be of full legal age, and up to 70 years old. And the last thing, any person turning to payday loans should be employed or with a stable income. On the other hand, lenders do not ask for that income proof along with no credit check, or no references. Also, there is no need to visit their offices. Everything can be done at home or from wherever it is comfortable.

Payday Loans Bad Credit

Applicants with a bad credit score or who constantly receive denials, do not need to be in despair. Payday Loans are perfectly compatible with such a group of people and nothing will deprive them of receiving help. Apply to our company to see what amount you can be qualified. After that, receive the money.


If misfortune stroke you or your family, and the necessity of money has never been so real, try a payday loan. It is easy to access, most of the lenders work 24/7 and can be contacted online. All the applicants should follow a small list of requirements where the main one is to have a valid ID. And online services will not check your credit.

Do not linger with money issues, the more you borrow them from your friends, the more judgments and suspicious looks are at you. Applying for a payday online to the most trusted companies will let you remain confident and feel legit about the service.

Looking for fast money but with low-interest rates? Such a task may seem impossible. experts will not promise you the lowest prices but guarantee that they will match the terms and fast approval. Contact us now or apply through the online application form. Let us provide you with money and relief.


How do Online Payday Loans Work?

It is a short-term loan with a limited amount of money. A person should calculate the interest rate on the provider’s website, and choose the preferable repayment day. After the submission of all the documents, he receives approval and money is transferred on a bank account.

Who are a Payday Loan Borrowers?

It is all the segments of the population who seek monetary help. It can be applicants who need 3-month payday loans or who need borrowing for one week only. The requirements are again the legal age, valid ID, and to be employed.

Is Payday Loan Safe?

All the loans can be considered safe if turning only to trusted and reliable private lenders. If a person hesitates about the safety aspect of a service, he may ask the guarantees. Otherwise, all responsibility will be only on him.

What are Payday Loan risks?

A person can easily get trapped. It happens when he is constantly extending the repayment day. Thus, a borrower may experience very high-interest rates.

Are Payday Loans Legal?

Again, if an online service is trusted and has a license for performing loan activities, it may be considered a legal one. To avoid collaborations with fraudulent websites, try to read the feedback and find out the existence of legal papers. After that rely on the most transparent ones.

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