Sometimes, one needs money urgently. Banks take too long to approve a loan. As well, they are sometimes too demanding to borrowers. In cases when a bank is not an option, Robocash comes to help. The main target of the company is to provide affordable loans to everybody who is in a financial emergency, who needs money right now and who is ready to repay it within the indicated time.

About Robocash is a completely online company. Well, of course, there are offline offices, because according to the Philippine legislation, the company has to be registered officially and have a legal seat. So, Robo cash has all of these things. Other than that, it is a completely online service. People are not involved in the decision making about loans, all is done by the AI, hence, you can count on absolute objectivity of taken decisions.

Features & Benefits

The main difference between Robocash cash lending and a similar procedure in the majority of financial companies is in the fact that everything is performed online. You do not need to go to their office, to have interviews, and so on.

  • The loans are approved in the majority of cases;
  • Very fast approval is definitely one more advantage of the company; most loans are approved within a 24-hour period;
  • The requirements are minimal;
  • People with bad credit history can apply, as well, moreover, they most likely will be approved if they comply with the needed criteria.
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Application Requirements

Whoever wants to apply for Robocash payday loan, should comply with the minimum or requirements:

  • It is a must to be a citizen of the mentioned country;
  • You submit a copy of your official ID, so, you should possess an ID;
  • Your age should be within the range 22 up to 60 years old;
  • You have a mobile phone with a valid number;
  • You have an account on the Robocash website.

As soon as you comply with all these requirements, you can start with your application.

Loan Amount and Fees

Robocash finance corporation is one of the most reliable and transparent companies where one can get a loan online. The loan sum depends on several factors, among which the most important one is whether the borrower is a new or a returning one. As well, it is important whether the person has repaid his/her loan on time or with delays.

So, here are the loan amounts and fees:

Loan Sum 1,000 – 10,000 PHP for first-time borrowers, 1,000 – 25,000 PHP for repeated borrowers
Interest Rate 1.3% per day
Loan Terms 1 week – 21 days
Borrower Age 22 – 60 years old
Processing Fee not applicable

How to Get the Loan?

So, what should one do if the person decided to apply for a Robocash loan? The procedure is very simple and effortless, just do the following:

  • Open an account on the website of Robocash, which belongs to the best loan credit corporation;
  • Indicate how you are going to receive the funds that you will get as a loan;
  • Sign your contract with one of the best registered lending companies Philippines – Robocash;
  • Submit the requested documents (your photo with your official ID + ID scans);
  • Wait until you receive an update on the loan status;

If the loan is approved, receive money and start thinking about repayment.

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Robocash Pros and Cons

Robocash is one of the best companies of such kind in the Philippines. But like any other company, it has both its pros and cons.

The most considerable advantages are:

  • The company decides on the issue/denial of a loan fast indeed, the entire process might take up to 24 hours;
  • The company works day and night literally, so, you apply for money when you need it, even if it is late at night;
  • The loan range is quite big, so, it can serve for many purposes;
  • Robocash branches are located in several places, but one doesn’t look for any of them. all the process runs up online;
  • If you can repay earlier before your deadline arrives, you pay for those days only when you actually were using the funds, not for the entire period selected by you;
  • The company is loyal with repayments: any deadline can be extended;
  • Robocash gives a chance even to those people who would not be approved by any other financial institution, a bank, for example;
  • Persons with bad credit history also can apply and be approved.

There are disadvantages, as well, as one could expect: Robocash interests are not low at all. One ends up paying much more than a bank would request.

robocash reputation

Trust & Reputation

Robocash is one of the most reputable cash lending companies in the Philippines. One can find a lot of useful information in any Robocas review online. And everywhere, one will find a confirmation that one is going to deal with a fair funds lending company that applies the most transparent procedures to their borrowers. There are some complaints that the loan was not issued or a request in a repeated loan was denied, however, one should understand clearly that only eligible persons are issued loans. In general, though, Robocash is known as a reliable and transparent company that can be trusted.


All in all, Robocash is a lending company for everyone. The requirements for getting a loan are minimal, and the loan sums impress. Of course, there are some differences depending on your previous credit history with the company. For example, repeated reliable borrowers can get significantly higher sums than new borrowers or those who did not repay their loans on time.

The company doesn’t check whether the applicant has any credit history with any other financial institution.

Its main priority is to make sure the person is able to repay the Robocash loan from his/her salary, and this is the only thing that worries the company. Hence, Robocash makes loan accessible for practically anybody, doesn’t matter the person`s status and conditions. It is a nice chance to start a business, pay some urgent expenses, repay a different loan in the very end. Can we consider Robocash a great chance to get finances whenever one needs financial assistance? Definitely, we can, and many people do so.

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