Do you lack money to pay for medical bills or deal with an emergency that has ruined your monthly budget? Whether you need to pay for the education of your children, start your own business or solve some unexpected financial problems, apply for a loan online. It’s the best way to cope with any kind of emergency within a short period. Get a Seaman loan with low interest and save time, money, and energy. The process of getting loans is always associated with too much hassle and bureaucracy. Fortunately, exceptions exist, and a loan for seafarers is one of the loans you can obtain almost instantly. Sounds great, doesn’t it?  The key advantage of this type of loan is the absence of tons of conditions. It isn’t hard to meet the requirements as there are the basic rules for eligibility.

Seafarer Loan: Features Make It a Good Deal

What makes a Seaman loan so popular today? No doubt, the number of attractive features. There are several advantages that make it a great deal. Getting up to P300,000 is a reality. It’s worth admitting: no need to pay pre-termination fees. One more feature that most borrowers find very convenient is the possibility to make regular payments every month by using debit facilities. One more advantage is that borrowers aren’t charged for making payments with a delay. Some lenders approve loans with the collateral only. The obligatory condition to have a guarantor often becomes a stumbling block for borrowers. It isn’t about this loan. Seafarers aren’t expected to find someone who could take responsibility for the loan repayment. So, there are no requirements able to prevent you from receiving the amount of money you need.

Must Meet Requirements for Borrowers

Apply for a loan for a period of 5-9 months after meeting the basic loan requirements. Check what they are.  If you’ve got all the necessary documents, – get started. Here you must meet conditions. You are 100% eligible for a Seaman loan if meeting the requirements below isn’t a problem for you.

  • Citizens of the Philippines aged 21-55;
  • Employment (minimum 1 year);
  • Regular revenue is min P30.000 gross;
  • Having a valid banking account.

If you can answer positively to all the questions above, then you have nothing to worry about. Don’t hesitate to fill out an application form and submit it online. There is one more thing to bear in mind. A validated contract is one more must-have option. All seamen should have the documents that can serve the evidence of their activity. What can it be? These are identification documents like the seaman’s book. Make copies of all the documents mentioned above for the lender to be sure that you are a trustworthy borrower. One more thing to take into account: if you are married and your spouse plays the role of the co-borrower, you need to add the marriage certificate to the list of the documents. If you doubt whether you need to provide a copy of some certificate, you’d better contact the customer support and ask or add an additional document if it is connected with your seaman’s work.

How to Apply for the Seafarer Personal Loan?

Have you checked the seaman’s loan requirements and have no doubts that you are eligible for a loan? Then, don’t waste time and proceed to the application process itself. The whole procedure will take you several minutes. You should share your personal information such as your name, telephone, and email address for the manager to contact you without any problems. After you fill out personal details that have been listed above, you’ll be offered to choose the amount you’d like to borrow.

Choose the loan amount within the available limit and fill out the field with the tenure. It can be either half a year or one year. Fill out the details of your credit card and send an application. It’ll be processed at the earliest convenience. How long can the process of approval last? Don’t worry! It won’t take that long. You will have to wait for several hours to one week or so. You will be contacted either personally by phone or email when there is a decision regarding your loan application. The maximum period is 10 business days.


Want to get a Seaman loan? Then, prove that you are a reliable borrower who can meet all the requirements easily. If you have all the necessary documents, then, forget about any kind of worries. You are likely to get the confirmation of your loan amount. Use the loan calculator before you submit an application to check how much the loan will cost you. There are no hidden fees. You will have to pay not more than you will see on the calculator. Prepare all the above-mentioned documents, fill out a simple application form within minutes, and wait for the result patiently. Whether you need to repair the house or the car that has broken down at the most unexpected moment, get a loan for seafarers and repay it with a minimum interest rate. 1.5% is the lowest rate you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t forget to add a copy of the paycheck to your application form. It will increase the chances of your application being approved significantly.  The amount of the loan depends on your monthly income. You’ll be approved for the loan if you are able to pay back without any problems.

There are many loan products today, but this type of loan is a risk-free financial product. All the payments are adjustable in accordance with the individual situation. The lender won’t let you borrow more than you can pay back. Getting this loan, you don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to make the repayment. Most seafarers admit that they have enjoyed favorable loan terms and were satisfied with all the features of the loan. It’s an effective solution to financial problems if you have a stable income. It’s exactly what you need if you are looking for the risk-and hassle-free financial product you can get by meeting the minimum requirements.

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